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Yo-Fi Wellness is:

  • World class instructors
  • Personalized programs
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • White labeled
  • Robust Analytics
  • Healthy ROI

It's a new day for corporate wellness.

Introducing Yo-Fi Wellness. Our online platform brings healthy living initiatives to your employees through inspiring and instructive video programs. Offering expert yoga, fitness, nutrition and meditation video content, Yo-Fi Wellness empowers your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s more than a portal. It’s a movement, taking your people on a journey to better health, happiness and peace of mind.


Yoga is an ancient practice that promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Yo-Fi Wellness has partnered with the most respected and skilled instructors in the country to provide detailed, yet easy to follow videos for every skill level. Your employees will no doubt benefit from our expert instructors as they guide your employees down the path of good health and inner peace.


Getting to the gym can be a hassle and the perfect excuse not to exercise. And few can afford a personal trainer. Yo-Fi Wellness provides customized fitness videos your employees can access anywhere, anytime, any place. Guided by expert personal trainers, employees at every fitness level will learn the proper techniques and regiments to physical fitness.


Hectic schedules. Long hours. After work obligations. All are diet killers. But there’s a way to encourage healthy diet and nutrition. Yo-Fi Wellness provides instructional cooking videos from some of the best chefs in the country. Our chefs provide the simple recipes and easy techniques to help anyone prepare healthy, balanced meals at home. Remember, a healthy employee is a productive employee.


Better sleep patterns. Reduced stress levels at work. Even quitting smoking can be achieved with the help of meditation. Yo-Fi Wellness guided meditation can be the key to achieving a calming clarity and balance to life. Even someone who’s never tried meditation will benefit from day one with the help of these relatively brief sessions.

Learn how Yo-Fi can keep your people and your bottom line fit and strong.